Kati Dahm, Astra’s New Vice President of Communications

Published on February 23rd, 2021  //  News + Resources

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ALAMEDA, CA  —  Magna’s Executive Search division is pleased to congratulate Kati Dahm on her recent appointment as the VP of Communications for Astra, a hyper-growth satellite launch venture.

Kati Dahm has years of experience in communications and marketing that range from established, publicly-traded enterprises such as Cisco, to small scrappy early-stage startups like NIO once was that eventually went through an IPO during her tenure in 2018, and most recently with People.ai which is a Series C SaaS startup. She has worked in both B2B and B2C industries, establishing and maintaining brand awareness through strategic communications initiatives by focusing on the outcome these exciting technologies are able to provide. Kati describes herself as a builder: She enjoys building programs from the ground up and has held management or head of department roles for the majority of the past decade in various leadership capacities.

The opportunity that Astra presents is the green field (or open space) that inspires her to craft a brand new narrative and way for people to experience it. Kati’s work is driven by the audiences she is trying to reach. She likes to put herself in the shoes of each audience and imagine how she would best consume a message, whether it is through social, a blog, or a video. Kati believes in being a strategic advisor to the business, with a comprehensive understanding of what is on the mind of the audiences.

Katie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Tulane University, and with such an exciting chapter in her career we could not be more pleased to follow her journey.

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